Veg/Non-Veg Thali’s

Maharashtrian Thali : Ample of Delicacies

Maharashtrian food is really remarkable. Wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, lentils and regular foods are grown from the ground staples. The feature of this food is the utilization of peanuts and coconut in many dishes. Maharastrian bites are based Ayurvedic standards. It is trusted that your every day bites should be all well-balanced which is the reason a conventional Maharashtrian thali will have Rice, Chapati, Dry Vegetables, Curry, Lentils, Salad, Pickle, Chutney and a Dessert. Everyone can enjoy the flavors like zesty, appetizing, sour, bitter and sweet are stuffed into one plate.

  • Kolhapuri Chicken Thali:

We always welcome you to a delicious feast of authentic and Kolhapuri special Thali. Our special Kolhapuri chicken thali consists of Chicken Masala in red gravy, Yummy Anda Massala, kolhapuri Chicken Sukka with aroma full biryani bowl and sweet that will have you licking your fingers.

  • Kohlapuri Mutton Thali:

A perfect place for mutton lovers and family dinners is Dakhkhan Delicacies. One of our excellent options is Mutton Thali, which has authentic flavor that your taste buds desire. Mutton Fry, Kheema Masala, Rice, Chapati served with special Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa & Pandhra rassa can easily leave you satisfied.

  • Vegetarian Thali:

Relish Our Special Vegetarian Thali filled with variety of delicacies.  It will give you everything you want if you are looking for traditional Maharashtrian food. Our aim is to serve the best quality of food to our customers.

  • Kids Thali:

Dakhkhan Delicacies offers kid friendly food with a very home-like environment. We offer Mutton Thali and Chicken thali which are well planned and are healthy way to meet all the nutritional requirements. That is why Dakhkhan Delicacies is best preferred place for kids dinning.

  • Maswadi Rassa Thali:

Maswadi is a traditional Maharashtrian food always served along with spicy and hot rassa. In our restaurant we prepare it by using coconut-onion-garlic paste, kolhapuri curry masala or Goda masala or garam masala and seasoned with some spices. Our Winning Maswadi Rassa thali filled with Maswadi, Maswadi Rassa, Solkadi, Rice, chapati, Bhakri & Sweets. This tastes just awesome for you.

Kombadi Wade Thali : Its truly malvani dish.Wada are so well prepared and serve with coconut based tangy chicken curry .Our Winning Kombadi Wade  thali filled with kombadi wade, malwani Chicken Rassa, malwani Chicken fry, Solkadi, Rice & Sweets. This tastes just awesome for you.

Malwani Fish Thali :Its truly malvani dish.Fish are so well prepared and serve with coconut based tangy fish curry .Our Winning Malvani Fish thali filled with Malwani Fish curry, malwani fish fry, Solkadi, Rice & Chapati or Bhakari. This tastes just awesome for you.

Delicious Fish Thali

Start eating better

Fish Maharaja Thali

Prawn Fish curry/Fish Fry/Ambant thikh/Sukat Chatani/Solkadhi/Rice/2 Chapati or 2 Bhakari

Maharashtrian Chicken Thali

Quality is the heart

Chicken Maharaja Thali

Chicken Masala/Anda Masala/Chicken sukka/Tambda Rassa/Pandhara Rassa/Masala Rice/2 Chapati or 2 Bhakari

Maharashtrian thali

Hot & ready to serve

Mutton Maharaja Thali

Mutton Masala/Kheema Masala/Mutton sukka/Tambda Rassa/Pandhara Rassa/Masala Rice/2 Chapati or 2 Bhakari

Maharashtrian Veg-Thali

Eat healthy veg food

Veg Thali

2 Bhaji/1 Dal/Dahi/Rice/Papad/Pickle/2 Chapati or Bhakari/Sweet

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